Our value proposition
More brilliant colors that amaze consumers


Fast Development of tailor-made packages under the premise of confidentiality, we offer innovative solutions in terms of concept, materials and processes.

By using state of the art technology our experts will help you achieve your desired graphic concept.


  • Our printing system is environmentally friendly: dramatic reduction on solvents consumption.
  • Forget about long waiting hours for machine approval of colors in Plant.
  • Short runs are not an obstacle anymore to get competitive prices.
  • Better Lead Times.

Collaborative development product /package

We play an active main role since the first development stages of our customers’ projects, under the premise of confidentiality and looking to express the premium status of your product. We are specialist advising you.

  • We are your ally who seeks to keep a long-lasting win-win relation.
  • We develop important protection and visibility solutions for your brand.
  • We propose innovative solutions with competitive costs, based on the concept, materials and processes.
  • Your confidential projects are safe with us.

Tailor-made winner packages

We know that the package, besides contain and protect your product, it is an important branding tool.

Amaze buyers in front of the gondola shelving by giving them incentives with full color printings on their purchasing decision.

  • Premiumness in your packaging.
  • Gondola shelving impact.
  • Technology at your disposal.

Our Expanded range Technology

  • By means of our Expanded Range System we achieve to extend the color spectrum to 4000 colors.
  • The big advantage is that it widens the tonal range in an intelligent way: from 4 to 7 inks.

More color = More Life

  • Higher stability and repeatability of the projects.
  • Higher strength in color.
  • Multi Web printings by combining until 10 colors.
  • Forget about long waiting hours for machine approval.