Focus Pillars

PLASTICOS ESPECIALES is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of differentiated packaging. Based in the continuous improvement, compliance with applicable legal requirements and strengthening our employees´ skills, we are committed to:

Quality and safety of packages

By offering packages that besides protecting and preserving products, contribute to its productivity, through specifications compliance which are part in the compromise and responsibility of all our staff.

Environmental preservation

By controlling and reducing our main impacts: energy use, waste generation and VOCs emissions.

The health and safety of our employees

Promote the culture of self-care and care for others, through health programs and reduction in risk conditions in their work areas.

Social responsibility

To contribute to the integral development of employees from the personal, family and work environment, promoting thereby their welfare and progress.

Security of our supply chain

Through risk analysis in the processes of the supply chain in order to making actions that reduce presence of illicit acts.